Change Closing Date On Home Purchase

Closing dates are outlined in the purchase contract. Most closing dates are open to negotiation, but some are set in stone, so check your contract to see if you can even make a change. "A typical purchase contract says ‘Closing on or before X date unless a change is mutually agreed upon by both parties,’" says Hardy.

Make sure this date works for you because you are contractually agreeing to it right up front. The exact time will be set closer to the closing date, but the closing day is set in the beginning and requires a formal amendment to the contract in order to change it. Normally, that date is 30-45 days from the day the offer is made.

When you sign your purchase agreement, the closing date is set – but that’s only an approximation. Your closing date will be officially set by the attorney handling the transaction. Between signing the purchase agreement and handing over the keys to the new owner, you may experience a change in the closing date.

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A Closing date is established on the purchase agreement. The buyer who makes the offer first requests a particular date. Generally, this is 30-45 days from offer acceptance.

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You’re looking to sell your home, but you’re worried about the closing date. What if your home sells quickly? Maybe you are trying to time your sale to coincide with the purchase of another house, or maybe you just want to give yourself time to move or find another house.

Closing Day When Buying a House | 3 MISTAKES to Avoid When Closing on a Home A closing date may need to be changed due to another residence not being ready, delay is loan procedures, and many other contingencies that may cause an extension of closing date. Every real estate contract will have a closing date-a date within which a purchase or sale is scheduled to close.