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The Home Affordable Refinance Program , also known as HARP , is a federal program of the United States, set up by the Federal Housing Finance Agency in March 2009 to help underwater and near-underwater homeowners refinance their mortgages. Join the 3.4 Million people who have benefited from the Home Affordable Refinance Program !

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Obama’s economy stimulus package was passed in February 2009 as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. It ended the recession in July.. But the Treasury’s TARP program also invested $92 billion to strengthen community banks across the country.

President Obama's remarks on responsible homeownership, as prepared. We have to help more responsible homeowners refinance their mortgage. Now I want to be clear: no program or policy will solve all the problems.

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On February 18, 2009, President Obama announced the creation of the Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan (HASP) to help millions of struggling.

. mortgage insurance business was seeing positive results from the Obama Administration's Home Affordability Refinance Program (HARP).

Many people call it the Obama Mortgage. The official program called Making Home Affordable, and since early 2009, this program has offered hope for homeowners trying to avoid default and foreclosure on their home loans. The program was created to reach some nine million borrowers with a combination of refinancing options and loan modification.

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The Home Affordable Unemployment Program (UP) reduces or suspends mortgage payments for 12 months or more for homeowners who are unemployed. Eligibility. Anyone who has not already obtained a HAMP modification on his/her mortgage may be eligible.

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Obama’s Foreclosure Relief Program Was Designed to Help Bankers, Not Homeowners

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Learn more about hardest hit fund programs. Home Affordable Unemployment Program (UP) The Home Affordable Unemployment Program reduces or suspends mortgage payments for 12 months or more for homeowners who are unemployed. If you qualify, your mortgage payments may be reduced to 31% of your income or fully suspended.